2019 NYS National Championship Tournament
in San Diego

Registration is now open. No Deposits taken. Only full registration fee of $995 accepted and Due by May 1.

If fees are not received in full by May 1, team will be dropped from the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS.

NYS has the right to replace teams, fill divisions or even out divisions any time at it's discretion.

Once division is full no other teams will be accepted. First come first serve. Only a fully paid fee locks in your spot.

ALL PLAYERS AND TEAMS MUST BE CERTIFIED using our new third party certification system at NATIONAL SPORTS ID which is used by AAU and other top tournaments and sports organizations.


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Team Verification

Team membership now includes age/grade verification!

National Sports ID: Login

NSID takes the hassle out of submitting and reviewing birth certificates, passports, state id’s and report cards so your players can prove their eligibility and make sure your team is in the proper division.


The Value of Membership / Verification

  • Follows our eligibility rules.
  • Protects division integrity.
  • No more carrying documents to events.
  • No more waiting in long lines to check in your team.
  • Your verified team roster will be submitted online.



We at National Youth Sports are very proud to announce a partnership with National Sports ID to help maintain the integrity of our players and tournament.

National Sports ID is an online service that verifies the age/grade of youth athletes by providing approved Sports ID Cards.

PLEASE take the 10-15 minutes to register yourself for an account, create a team and invite your players to get verified Sports ID Cards. The NSID customer service team is on call to assist you and all your players through the simple process.

The cost for the Sports ID is just $10 for the tournament.

Please follow the steps below to get started with registering your account, creating your team and inviting your players to get verified. Remember there is LIVE HELP in the right-hand corner of the National Sports ID website to assist you and your players.

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Tournament Registration

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The NYS National Championship Tournament has partnered with EventConnect for the upcoming tournament as its official accommodations provider. EventConnect has worked very closely with the Tournament and local hotels to provide the best options on amenities, value and location. We please ask that teams check the hotel rates provided through this software as they help support our tournament.

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For Team Reps, please do not hesitate to contact the EventConnect Travel Team Coordinators by email (teamsupport@eventconnect.io). EMAIL EventConnect These Coordinators will work with your team to find the best choice from the available options once your team is in the accommodations system. For general inquiries, the EventConnect Support Team is available to take our calls at 1-888-723-2064.

Tournament Information

Tournament Rules

8-Man Tournament Rules11-Man Unweighted Tournament Rules11-Man Weighted Tournament Rules

Tournament Format

Tournament Format. All teams are guaranteed three games, unless a forfeit.

Tournament will be played in a Pool Format. Each Pool will have a maximum of four teams. Each team will play the other members of their pool with one game per day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

In 16 team Divisions the winner of each Pool advances to a Semi Final game on Saturday. In 8 team Divisions the top 2 teams in each Pool advance to the Semi Final game on Saturday. All Championship Final games will be played on Sunday.

Past Champions

Past Champions


Unweighted Divisions

  • PeeWee 8U
  • Mite 9U
  • Midget 10U
  • Squirt 11U
  • Minor 12U
  • Major 13U
  • Junior High / Middle School 14U

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Weighted Divisions

    8-Man Pigskin 6U Weight Allowances
  • 5-years -- unlimited
  • 6-years -- 95 lbs.

  • 11-Man Mini Mite 7U Weight Allowances
  • 5-years -- unlimited
  • 6-years -- 100 lbs.
  • 7-years -- 95 lbs.

  • 11-Man Junior PeeWee 9U Weight Allowances
  • 7-years -- unlimited
  • 8-years -- 105 lbs.
  • 9-years -- 100 lbs.

  • 11-Man Bantam 10U Weight Allowances
  • 8-years -- unlimited
  • 9-years -- 120 lbs.
  • 10-years -- 100 lbs.

  • 11-Man Cadet 11U Weight Allowances
  • 9 years-old -- Unlimited
  • 10 years-old -- 139 lbs.
  • 11 years-old -- 119 lbs.

  • 11-Man Junior Minor 12U Weight Allowances
  • 10-years -- unlimited
  • 11-years -- 150 lbs.
  • 12-years -- 130 lbs.

  • 11-Man Junior Major 13U Weight Allowances
  • 11 years-old -- Unlimited
  • 12 years-old -- 169 lbs.
  • 13 years-old -- 149 lbs.