Play Safe, Stay Safe - Sport Hygiene Plan

Play Safe, Stay Safe - Sport Hygiene Plan

Play Safe, Stay Safe - Return to Play Hygiene Plan

A handy guide of safety tips and protocols to help prepare us for the new sports season! Available for each sport.

Summer 2020 | Photo & Trophy Pick Up

pick up event

Wednesday, August 5

  • 10:00 to 5:00 PM
  • MAP IT ➡
  • NYS Office
  • 10935 Wurzbach Rd. Ste.#302
  • San Antonio TX 78230
Photo & Trophy FAQ

Please appoint ONE Team Representative to attend this event to pick up the photos and trophies for the entire team.

It is the responsibility of the Team Representative who picks up photos and trophies at the NYS Photo & Trophy Pick Up Event to distribute all the Photo Packets and Trophies to the correct persons. Please call members of your team and let them know you have their orders, and provide your contact information.Please return unclaimed Photo Packets and Products to your local NYS office.
Dates and locations may be subject to change.

Summer 2020 | Trophy Online Ordering

trophy online ordering

Order Your Trophies Online!

Now ordering trophies is more convenient than ever!

Late-fee deadlines are area-specific. We will accommodate your area's assigned deadline.

SAFETY TIPS Coronavirus

SAFETY TIPS Coronavirus

TIPS: Protect Yourselves and Players

Please follow these tips at any NYS event:

  1. Pre- and post-game handshakes removed from all events.
  2. Fans are limited to immediate family only.
  3. Adults over 60 or high-risk encouraged to stay home.
  4. Anyone feeling symptoms DO NOT attend practice or games. (Fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc).
  5. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  6. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  7. Stay home when you are sick.
  8. Cover cough or sneeze with tissue, throw tissue in trash.
  9. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  10. WASH HANDS OFTEN with soap and water for 20 seconds, especially after the bathroom; before eating; after blowing nose, coughing, or sneezing.

NFHS Concussion Course


Come take our Concussion Course!

This course highlights the impact of sports-related concussion on athletes, teaches how to recognize a suspected concussion, and provides protocols to manage a suspected concussion with steps to help players return to play safely after a concussion.

Take the NFHS Concussion Course
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NFHS Concussion Course

Volunteer to Become a Coach or Referee

Would you like to help out National Youth Sports of San Antonio? Please email us to sign up!

Please let us know:

  1. Name
  2. Zip code
  3. Phone
  4. Desired Sport
  5. Prior experience

Please choose the field you would be interested in:


How to Register

Registration FAQ

After You Register

  • Parents MUST attend the Parent/Team meeting. Meeting information can be found on the Summer 2020 Flyer or by contacting your local NYS office for details.
  • Unable to make the meeting? An appointed coach should contact you by the following Tuesday after the meeting with team details. If you do not hear from a coach by that Tuesday evening, please call our office.
  • TACKLE: Attend Certification Event. Information and meeting times listed under Important Dates section.

Registration FAQ

Program Information

All games are played on Saturdays. Game jersey is included, unless otherwise stated under sport description. No need to do any fund-raising and no team assessment fee is required! Parents will be expected to be involved with their child’s team.

Program FAQ

Games FAQ


We believe in family involvement that require parents to participate in the operation of their child’s team by volunteering to coach or assist with practices or other operational duties.

Wish to volunteer? You can sign up on our registration flyer or online!

Coaching FAQ

Team and Practice

NYS does not provide practice facilities and are not guaranteed. Teams are formed by closest school or zip code proximity. Area coordinators have authority to adjust league age divisions as necessary.

Each team decides practice times and locations, allowing for 1 to 3 practices per week. Indoor and lighted practice facilities may be available at an additional cost. Requested practice times cannot be honored.

Parents are expected to attend the Mandatory Parent Team Meeting. Find meeting information under Important Dates section.

All coaches are parent volunteers.

Team & Practice FAQ

Included with Registration

All registration fees pay for the operation of the league. They cover game jersey, liability/medical/property insurance, Saturday facility and field rentals, site directors/officials and other administrative expenses. The NYS league is sponsored by a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and receives no government funding or subsidization. Also there is no additional fundraising required such as selling candy bars, etc.

Items NOT covered are optional uniform accessories, photo packages and participation trophies, unless otherwise stated.

Some leagues have tournaments with trophies associated, but it may require an additional cost.

Game jersey is included, unless otherwise stated under sport description.

Equipment FAQ

League Regions

The San Antonio league is split into two regions, divided by the I-10.

Participants residing on the west of the
I-10 are in the "West" region.

Participants living on the east side of the
I-10) are in the "East Central" region.


Wednesday, August 5
10:00 to 5:00 PM

*Digital copies may be sent out the during this week.

Trophy Forms & Samples

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Photo Schedule & Samples

Photo SamplesPhoto Order Form

Haven't received your digital copy?

If by your last game, you have not received your ordered Digital Copy from that season, please email AYS.