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Coaching is a rewarding experience!

Coaching is all about helping players achieve their goals on and off the field. It is an amazing opportunity to make a lasting impression on the players of your team. With your help, each player will better develop their skills, learn to face any challenge and experience success!

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Fun is #1

Whenever kids are asked why they play sports, the number one reason is always the same - to have fun. It's about the excitement of competing, not just about winning.

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Reaching Children Around the World

The NYS Foundation currently supports orphan children in impoverished areas overseas. We are committed to helping children within our community and throughout the world.

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Celebrating 20 Years!

NYS started as a small Arizona company over 20 years ago. Its mission, To serve the youth, the family and the community through participation in youth sports.

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Our Mission

The mission of all of our programs is to strengthen the individual, the family, and the community through participation in youth sports. Each program is centered around sportsmanship and emphasizes fun and the importance of fair play.


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