CO-ED. OUTDOOR. Game jersey included.

Tee-Ball and Coach Pitch are introductory programs offered for children ages 3-6. The focus is to learn the basic rules of the game and develope social skills. Special modifications are made to ensure all players are successful and have fun. The Tee-Ball stand is optional in the Coach Pitch program.

The Kid Pitch program is designed for ages 7 and up and extends upon the basic rules learned in the earlier programs. It also introduces competition. The program is designed using Little League philosophy with slight modifications.

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Coach Pitch
Ages 8-13


Choose the rules for your age division:
Ages 3-4
Ages 5-7
Ages 7-9
Ages 11-13
Ages 13-15

*Age divisions offered vary by season. Refer to the Registration Flyer, or call our office to see which age divisions are currently available in your area.